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I'm Nicole

But, You  can call me Nikki. There’s very little I value more than sincere genuine connections. 

I'm here to befriend those who desire the tenderness and intimacy of a girlfriend without all those annoying strings being attached..

I want to be your go-to girl.  I’m the lover that has been waiting all day to see you and can’t wait to ease your mind, relax your body, and lose time in sensual exploration. I’m where you can come to escape in the middle of the day and forget about the outside world. I’m the playful quick-witted college girlfriend that has that certain inappropriate charm to her that wants to provoke you and whose curves demand your attention.

Regardless of your reason for seeking companionship, You can expect our tryst to be full of decadence, pampering, and appreciation. I excel at understanding, not only of what you say you need. But, also of the things that go unsaid. I will be everything you wish to have in a girlfriend: uninhibited, unbelievable chemistry and the undivided attention you deserve.

"She really understands what this sub-culture is all about and knows how to provide a very delightful experience for her clients, whether newbies or veterans."


The Art of Being a Woman

The lacy lingerie, heels, slight sweet scents of perfume on my neck,embracing the sensuality of my own femininity.


​My exuberant personality allows me to  embrace intimacy in all its forms.

In a world that’s increasingly disconnected.  I offer an authentic connection, one that entails  passion, intellect, adventure & naughty delights.

First things first,  Please take a few minutes to read through my entire site before contacting me, to make sure we are a good fit. You can view my availability and request a meeting on the "Encounter" page.  If you prefer to set up a meeting by email, please make sure your message includes screening information. 

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