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“Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."

Theodore Roosevelt



First impressions ARE everything.please take the time to read through my website before contacting me. As most questions can be answered by doing so. I have an appreciation for the people that are concise and discreet when contacting me to set up a meeting. This shows a certain level of respect for my time and as well as yours.  I do not respond to one liners "hey", "Are you available?", "What's your schedule?"
p411 or using my online booking is the fastest way to secure an appointment with me. I have a real world life just like everyone else that includes family, friends and kids. Because of this I do not take phone calls.

My Schedule

Please keep in mind my availability is fluid and is constantly changing. I prefer as much notice as possible when planning our meeting. Same day appointments are seldom available. You are more than welcome to ask and if Im able to accomodate, I will. This does not mean screening will be bypassed. But, youre more than welcome to ask.  For a first visit you'll want to allow adequate time to complete the screening process.  Scheduling In advance shows that you respect that I have a life outside of being a companion.


Discretion is key with me at all times. What happens between us stays between us, never to be shared with anyone else. Discretion and confidentiality is at the core of what I do as a professional companion.


​Please know your schedule before contacting me. While,  I understand  life sometimes gets in the way of a good time. And if this happens and you need to cancel our date for whatever reason, please do so as soon as you are made aware that you won't be able to keep our appointment. Please provide at least 48 hours notice so that I can reopen my schedule. For cancellations, within 24 hours the cancellation fee will be 50%. In the event that you are unable to contact me to cancel our date or if you cancel within 12 hours of our date. I request that you pay the full balance. The expectation of being reimbursed is within 1 day. *Cancellation Fees can be paid via Google wallet, cash app, Venmo or prepaid visa gift card or Amazon credits. Failure to reimburse me will preclude you from seeing me in the future as well as your information would be added to a blacklist registry that companions use on a national level.


On rare occasions, life gets in my way, too. If I need to cancel within 24 hours of our date I will offer you a list of lovely ladies that I know personally and hopefully one of them can keep you company in my absence.

Health / Hygiene

You will find that I will always be freshly showered and polished when we meet. And I expect nothing but the same from you in return. I  have a shower with all the necessary toiletries you could need and if your circumstances don't allow for you to shower before arriving.


Please be respectful of my time as I have  set aside specifically for you. If you are going to be late, please  email or text. Be mindful of your time and or travel as a late arrival does not extend your time past what we have scheduled. Please do not overstay. If you are running late and I do not hear from you for 20  minutes of our scheduled time you will be marked as a no call no show



I prefer this to be left in plain view at the commencement of our date.  If we are meeting in a public place, please place the donation in a gift bag or card. I take many forms of payments. Cash is preferred for our first meeting. Donation amounts can be found here.

*My Fees Are Non-Negotiable*

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